Saturday, 17 March 2018


Post retirement, eh?  Yes, that's where we'll be in (as I write) one week.  We'll be waving goodbye to work on 23rd March 2018 after (about) 40 years of toil.

This blog is not about all of what we're doing next; this is only bits of it.  And if you're looking for exciting stuff about driving from the Atlantic to the Pacific in a motorhome taking in Route 66 and the like - this is not for you (although we will touch the Atlantic and the English Channel).  No, this is about a rather more gentle activity, going to a few places in the UK - places we like or think we will, taking some photographs and giving our impressions.  We're not writing it for an outside audience, we're writing it for us ... but we're happy for anyone to watch who wants to.

Please use the links on the right - the list below is not in chronological order and are not linked.  We would like you to follow our visits in the order we did them, so please follow us month by month by using the navigation, starting with March 2018.

Places we plan to go are:

    Bradley Stoke
    Stornoway (and Lewis & Harris too)
    West Dulwich (no, we don't know where that is either ... yet)

 That's 2018 ... onwards, who knows?