Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Boatshed

After our exciting day "doing" Lewis and Harris, we needed a good dinner.  We were recommended to try the Boatshed Restaurant by our hotel.  It was in a nice location - overlooking the harbour - so wandered down to have a look.

From start to finish, the experience was quite simply first class. On arrival we were met and taken to the bar where they had a very good range of interesting drinks, including the local gin. The seats here were deep leather sofas round a crackling woodburner – a great start.

When our table was ready (not a long wait) we were taken through and the specials explained. We decided to take items freely across the two menus, including a non-standard starter which was accepted without question. The bread rolls while we waited were warm from the oven Variations from the menu were no problem for them at all and all our requests were checked, noted and – later – delivered perfectly. I had scallops on the local black pudding (totally different from the local north-east England black pudding we are used to, and amazing), while Lois had a bowl of vegetable ... because that’s what she fancied; it wasn’t on the menu, but was provided exactly as ordered. She went on to have the local fish “special”, which was really interestingly prepared and tasted excellent, while I had the venison, which was done in a light sauce which really brought out the flavour of the meat which was tender as anything. The venison came with mashed potato and neeps (of course). Mouth watering flavours and textures, prepared with real care. The house red was good – four on offer – and not unreasonably priced.

The service by Andy was absolutely perfect – he left us alone when appropriate but knew when to come in to clear dishes. The wait between courses was spot-on; long enough to let things “settle”, but not so long as to let us get stale. The room was expertly laid out with all the tables spaced well. The view from the windows out to the harbour interesting and even the music was well chosen – not obtrusive but good to hear.

This was a real highlight for us – the end of our stay on Lewis and a perfect meal from a a really excellent restaurant. We will do our very best to come back here and thoroughly recommend it!

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