Monday, 16 April 2018

The Digby Chick

For dinner, we took a chance and had a wander around Stornoway to find somewhere  to eat.  On the way around we came across one of the locals and Lois engaged her in conversation to find what she was doing.  Lois found her conversation a little wooden - LOL!

The sculpture was there to recognise the importance of herring - it's of a Herring Girl and there are two of these around the harbour.  It depicts a Herring Girl gutting a fish into a barrel.  That's the girl on the right.  Fishing is very important to Stornoway and later we'll do a piece about Leverborough.  There's not much going on now.

We happened across a cute little place and were attracted by the name – Digby Chick.  We got what was probably their last free table. We received a nice welcome from a good staff who made us comfortable. The range of food is great and they offer table d’hôte, a la carte and specials too, which was good. The specials were thoughtful and on this night largely seafood, but the main menus do steak and so on too.
We had the scallop starter from the specials menu, followed by the seafood platter (also from the specials) for Lois, and I had duck from the a la carte. Both were served very well and tasted beautiful. Portions sizes were just right - any less and we'd have felt the prices were expensive for what we had. A couple of drinks accompanied.

The food and service cannot be faulted – absolutely beautiful. A slight down side for us was the proximity of the tables to each other – a bugbear of ours. We could easily hear the conversations from the tables either side of us and that can be distracting.  Also the wait between courses was, in our view, excessive. They were full – but they generally are according to the reviews here and so should be staffed to cope. Now, we can fill time with conversation for very long periods, but even we were starting to think we’d been forgotten. This was a pity and let down what was otherwise an excellent experience. A third niggle (for me, but not for my ever practical wife) was the plastic table covers. At these prices – and this is a top-range-priced place – there should be fine linen, not plastic.

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